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Star Wars CCG Player Tools - Online card database, inventory, and deck builder

downloads: (GPLv3 License for all downloads on this page) - A Perl script for I-5/I-405 commuters that emails you traffic conditions
confpatch.php - A tool to patch a simple PHP-based configuration file
update_schema.php - A tool to patch a MySQL-based database schema
add_host.phps - A tool to programmatically add static dhcp clients
rm_host.phps - A tool to programmatically remove static dhcp clients
bracket.php - A PHP/HTML/CSS competition bracket drawing script (example)
html_validator.php - Simple, fast, yet surprisingly robust HTML validator/fixer
database_dump.php - Simple script create per-table dumps of each MySQL database in a rotating folder structure


The name "jusme" (pronounced "just me") originates from my early PC gaming days playing Quake. My first experience with online multiplayer gaming was through the matchmaking service MPlayer. By the time I started playing Quake in earnest it seemed like the vast majority of players were already members in a clan. At that time clans were mostly formed based on real life relationships between members and few of my real life friends were into online gaming. Unable to gain entry into any other clan and wanting to satisfy my feeling of belonging, I decided to form my own clan. Being the only member in my clan, I chose the tongue-in-cheek name "Jusme", as in, "it's just me in this clan". Recruiting was slow, but gradually more members joined my clan, making the name a bit of an irony. The "Jusme" clan eventually went in different directions. I became a member of many other clans during my time playing Quake, and moved on from the game during the twilight of its life. But because of my fond memories in the Quake community the name stuck. And here we are.